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- Welcome to Lensshopper.com your personal lens shopper for discount lenses. Here you will find information and reviews about contact lenses, things to think about whilst shopping for contacts, security, delivery times and much more. Our goal is to list the best discounts and most popular lenses on the net within each category ex. daily lenses, monthly lenses, 1-2 week lenses, colored lenses etc.

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Here you will find cheap contacts and the best lenses online in each category, such as daily lenses, monthly lenses, extended wear lenses, colored lenses, etc. This article will give you some handy tips you can use to make sure the lenses you buy are the cheapest contacts you can find online. You will also find information and reviews about contact lenses, things to consider when buying lenses, such as delivery times and much more.

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How do I find cheap contacts online?

How should you go about finding cheap contacts online? There are many answers to this question and we intend to give you a detailed review of the best tips available today. It should be noted that all tips are not available to all lens wearers as some are linked to memberships etc. In some cases, several offers can also be combined with each other, so do not be afraid to pursue a discount even if you have already received a discount on your purchase.

Price Comparison Always compare the prices of your contacts

Since you are reading this text, you have already used our first tip, a price comparison. Checking the price of your particular lens via a contact lens price comparison is always step one in the search for cheap contacts. In addition to the price itself, you also get good information on delivery times, shipping prices, etc.

Quantity discount - Buy more lenses and get better prices

Not so long ago, quantity discounts were very unusual when shopping for contact lenses online. Today this is more common and you can save big money on planning your purchases in advance. Some stores offer discounts that extend up to the annual consumption of lenses. However, be sure to check what applies to this type of purchase. Many times, a cheap price is advertised for your chosen lens, but the requirement to get this price is that you buy a certain number of the product in question. Therefore, be sure to find out how many lens packages you need to buy to get the price offered.

Number of contacts per package

An easy way to save money on your contacts is to purchase larger packages of your prescribed lens. If you divide the number of lenses in the package with the price, you get the price per lens. Many times, the price per lens is lower if you buy, for example, a 90 pack instead of a 30 pack. If you have the financial opportunities, it is usually smartest to buy a larger lens package than a smaller one.

Discontinued contact lenses

If you use a contact lens that has been discontinued, you can make good savings by replenishing your lens stock by purchasing these lenses at greatly discounted prices from the dealers who still have these contact lenses in stock. However, be sure to check the expiration date on the lenses you purchase.

Upgraded contacts - New version of your contact lens

The lens manufacturers are constantly developing their product range and launching new improved contact lenses at regular intervals. There is money to be saved here as manufacturers launch new products and provide upgrade campaigns. Look for new versions of your lens, and especially for upgraded versions of lenses that do not require any new fitting. Sometimes the price will not be cheaper than before but you will get a better lens for almost the same money as before.

Buy cheap contacts with your student discount

If you are a student, most retailers offer some type of discount when buying contact lenses from their web shop. Compare these offers to each other as it can differ a great deal in how generous the dealers are with their student discounts. However, be sure to check how the price differs in relation to the price offered through the contact lens price comparisons. Sometimes you can combine these offers with each other and save even more money.

FSA/HSA Healthcare plans

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), then you have the opportunity to save some money on your contact lens purchases since contact lenses and glasses are a valid use of FSA/HSA funds. Bare in mind that non-prescription or cosmetic lenses are not valid purchases for these healthcare plans. To make sure that your contact lenses are eligible for the healthcare plan in question, please contact an FSA/HSA administrator for more detailed information.

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Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Oasys are examples of contact lenses using the HYDRACLEAR and HYDRACLEAR Plus technology. An increased volume of moisture-rich wetting agent into the unique formulation results in a more wettable contact lens. The lenses also have a supperior breathability with a 98% availability of oxygen to the cornea. These ultrasmooth lenses also have the highest level of UV blocking.


AIR OPTIX AQUA is the latest in breathable contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel. CIBA Vision has made a contact lens with an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture agent that helps lubricate the lens for supperior comfort. This patented lens material maintains moisture by minimizing lens dehydration. Together with the ultra-smooth deposit resistant surface you have a contact lens that ensures all day comfort.