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Prices are listed including Shipping and Handling. Bulk prices may be available when promoted with a "Bulk Price" tag. Remember that you need a Prescription (RX) for Colored Contact Lenses.

Freshlook Colorblends

  • Get the best price all the time. FreshLook COLORBLENDS - 6 lenses/box
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Freshlook Colors

  • Get the best price all the time. FreshLook COLORS - 6 lenses/box
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Freshlook One-Day

  • Get the best price all the time. FreshLook ONE-DAY - 10 lenses/box
  • $24.94Go to store

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Colored contact lenses

Freshlook Colorblends

Colored contact lenses make it possible to change eye color at any time you require. You can start the day with one color and end it with another for a dinner or a party.

Colored contacts are perfect for use if you only want to strengthen the eye color you already have. This has meant that the market for colored lenses has increased enormously in recent years. More and more have discovered the possibilities offered by colored lenses and want to test how it feels to go around with new or sometimes different colored lenses.

One of the advantages with colored contact lenses is that even people without visual problems can use colored contacts. Through the location of a little opening in the lenses the surroundings of the user are not influenced in any way.

Opaque and tinted are the most commonly used types of colored contact lenses. The opaque lenses do not admit much light through to the original color of the eyes as the colored surface of the lenses cover the entire eye. These lenses suit those who want to change eye color completely. Tinted lenses on the other hand allow through a portion of the eyes natural color through the colored surface of the eyes lenses. These lenses suit those customers who have eyes which are light in color and aspire to strengthening them.

Colored contacts have all of the advantages that ordinary lenses possess. They are available both as Around the clock lenses and Monthly lenses. Many of them have inbuilt UV-irradiation protection, which helps to protect against the suns injurious rays.

Use this color studio to find out which color contacts work for you. Choose between 20 different colors and 6 looks.

You need to have Flash installed to be able to use our Color Studio and see what color contacts work for you. You can download Flash from Adobe.com here.