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Buying Contacts Online

If you use contact lenses, you have probably considered how efficient it would be to buy contact lenses online. Buying contact lenses online is definitely an effective option if you know what you are doing. Before making your online contact lens purchase, ask yourself a few important questions.

How Big is the Company You Plan to Order From?
The more well known the online contact lens seller, the better it is for the buyer. A large company is more likely to have your particular type of lenses in stock, even if they are uncommon specialty lenses. This means you are likely to get your lenses sooner than you might from a smaller company.

Is the Company Trustworthy?
If you’re ordering from a larger company, you are probably pretty safe. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research with a consumer advocacy group before ordering.
Remember that you will be providing private information online, including your prescription and credit card information. Be sure you are transmitting to a reliable source. Make sure the company has a secure server.

How is the Customer Service?
Look for a company that has e-mail and phone support. Some companies may provide 24-hour support. Also, learn the company’s return policy. Ideally, the company will take returns if your prescription changes, or if the lenses are damaged when you receive them.

What’s the Price?
Online contact lens prices are often cheaper than in-store prices, since there is usually less overhead and higher volume. Still, you should take advantage of the fact that you are buying over the Internet. Look at a few different contact lens sellers and compare their prices.
Keep an eye out for hidden fees that some companies may charge. Remember to be aware whether shipping and handling has been included. Also, realize that your lenses may be cheaper if you buy in bulk.

How Soon Can I Get My Lenses?
If you need to get your lenses fast, inquire whether the seller has them stocked. If they do not, it will take you longer to receive your lenses. If getting the lenses immediately is a priority, you may need to get in touch with another online seller. Remember that all sellers will need to verify your prescription before they can send your lenses.