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Proclear 1 Day

Proclear 1 Day

Proclear 1 Day Contact Lenses from CooperVision

Proclear 1 day is a daily disposable soft contact lens. The PC technology makes the lenses resistant to dehydration which means they stay moist and comfortable all day. The material contains molecules found naturally in human cells, which attract and surround themselves with water, keeping the lens moist for more than 12 hours. It also provides crisp and clear vision.

Proclear lenses are ideal for contact lens wearers who experience discomfort because of dry eyes. It is the only daily disposable lens that, according to FDA, "may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear."

The lens also has an aspheric design that neutralizes so-called spherical aberrations. Spherical aberration makes it more difficult for the light to focus and can give blurred vision under low light conditions, for example when driving in the dark.

The lenses should be used for one day and replaced with a new and fresh pair the next day. Always follow the prescription and recommendation of your optician.

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Proclear 1 Day Details

Coopervision, Inc. Scottsville, NYCoopervision, Inc. Scottsville, NY
Daily disposable soft contact lenses
Resistant to dehydration No cleaning and storing PC technology
40% polymer (Omafilcon A), 60% water
90 lenses in buffered saline solution