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Special Effect Contact Lenses

What are Special Effect Contact Lenses?

If you want something out of the ordinary when it comes to contact lenses then you might want to have a look at special effect lenses, also known as crazy contacts, novelty contacts or Halloween contact lenses.

When using these lenses you’ll change the appearance of your eyes completely without really affecting the eyes themselves. Crazy contacts have been commonly used in Hollywood movies but are now just as common and popular to wear during Halloween, at cosplay gatherings and parties, or at any other festivity where an outfit could need a little sprucing up.

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One reason for the popularity of these lenses is that everyone can wear them – regardless if you have a vision disorder or not. However, even if you order them with zero power, you still need to be fitted by an eye care professional.

What Different Styles of Special Effect Contact Lenses are Available?

There are several brands that sell novelty contact lenses but the most popular is probably the WildEyes line manufactured by CIBA. The different styles and effects are close to endless but some that always seem to be in demand are red hot (deep red), hypnotic (a spiral pattern), wildfire (a sunburst pattern), knockout (An X instead of a pupil) and cat eye.

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Can I get Crazy Contact Lenses without a Prescription?

No you can’t get special effect contact lenses without a prescription. Even though you might not a have a defect of vision, and normally wouldn’t need regular prescription contacts, you still will need a prescription for these lenses. The reason for this is that crazy contacts might not have to come with any power but they still require proper fitting and only an eye doctor can do this.

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Where Can I Buy my Novelty Contact Lenses?

Wherever you can buy regular contact lenses you should also be able to purchase special effect contact lenses. Never ever use crazy contacts that have been obtained without a prescription. Your eyes are tender and in using non-prescription lenses you risk the chance of damaging your eyes gravely.

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How Do I Take Care of my Crazy Contacts?

Novelty contacts are to be treated just as any other type of contact lenses. They should not be worn at night and they are to be cleansed properly, with approved cleaning solutions, at the end of the day. If you’re a beginner when it comes to contact lenses – talk with your optician. Let this eye care professional demonstrate the appropriate techniques of maintenance for you. The lifetime of the contacts will vary and this is also something your optician can tell you.

If you suffer from a defect of vision and need to wear contact lenses on a regular basis you will probably also want to order traditional contacts along with the special effect contact lenses. Crazy contacts might not always be a wise alternative and if you wear them all the time you could even come to grow tired of them.

Top 10 Strangest Crazy Contact Lenses You Have Ever Seen

The entertainment industry is one example where movie and TV cast members wear the most terrifying contacts to boost character credibility. Another is Halloween that brings people to wear the strangest crazy contacts to create a scary effect. In this top 10 list we have crawled the web and found the weirdest special effect contact lenses out there.

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